Trendy Traditional Food In Ontario

Throughout the Province of Ontario, various cities and towns are bursting with flavoursome cuisines and restaurants. This article provides detailed information on where to find some of the tastiest meals and restaurants in Ontario.

Shawarma – Ottawa

Ottawa is known for providing traditional Shawarmas as a large percentage of their population include Lebanese immigrants and people with Lebanese heritage. Around every corner, you can find shawarma restaurants, and café’s dedicated to keeping the meals traditional and tasteful.

Throughout Ottawa, it’s one of the most popular meals for a quick bite and will allow any visitor to experience a traditional Canadian twist to the recipes. Shawarmas in Ottawa can be found with various cultural cuisines for any food lovers’ taste.

Pickerel – Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario is rich with freshwater fish known as Pickerel, which is part of the pike family of fish. The meat is lean, white, and flaky, with a rich and tasteful flavour. Although pickerel is known to be popular throughout the western edges of the Great Lakes region, they are mostly found in Northern Ontario’s myriad lakes.

Catching your Pickerel can be a fun activity, but trying it out from one of Northern Ontario’s fine restaurants can provide visitors with the chance of experiencing a traditional twist to the dish.

Pasta – Toronto

Toronto is known for a large variety of cuisines and meals, but pasta is seen as one of the most popular dishes they have to offer, with tasteful recipes combining a variety of flavours. The love for pasta in Toronto comes from the surge of immigration that created Little Italy. Toronto is well known for its abundance of Italian restaurants.

Little Italy and Corso Italia are seen as Italian-centric neighbourhoods with some of the best Italian restaurants in Canada. Visit Toronto for a fun experience to indulge in its traditional Italian dishes.

Maple Syrup – Lanark County

Maple syrup is not only popular in Ontario but also an iconic topping throughout Canada. Throughout Lanark County, you can find working sugar bushes and maple trees where the sap is collected and boiled into syrup. This is a great experience for visitors to Ontario.

Throughout Lanark County, there are farmer markets providing fresh and traditional Canadian maple syrup.

Tourists who decide to explore the food scene in Toronto won’t be disappointed. Taste the flavours while traveling through the countryside.