Must-Try Restaurants in Ontario

Ontario is seen as the food capital of Canada, and for a good reason as any food lover can get a great experience from the variety of cuisines and local dishes to indulge in.

Subscribers can learn more about restaurants in Ontaria here. With so many great restaurants and cafes to enjoy in Ontario, this article will provide details on some of the most popular restaurants found in the region.

Biffs Bistro – Toronto, Ontario

Biffs Bistro is a French Cuisine bistro with great interior design and a notable chef cooking up tasteful dishes. They update their menu each season with traditional French meal favourites, including steak tartare, duck, and steak fries. With a colourful terrace and cocktail bar, it’s the perfect place to wind down and enjoy a great meal.

They have 2 separate dining rooms with stylish design elements for a relaxing experience. Chef Bill Osborne is known for being a top chef in Canada.

Boralia – Toronto, Ontario

Borrelia is the perfect spot for visitors and tourists to enjoy traditional Canadian cuisine. Their main focus is on Canadian cuisine dating back to the 1600s. They have a menu dedicated to traditional Aboriginal dishes and recipes from the early settlers and immigrants of the 18th and 19th centuries.

They have a full bar dedicated to cocktails and wine.

Potois – Toronto

Potois has a menu dedicated to Eclectic, Caribbean, and Chinese cuisine with tastings and a casual atmosphere. They are well known for possessing one of the most intriguing cocktail menus in Toronto. It’s a great spot for larger groups to indulge in a variety of flavourful platters and dishes to share.

Nota Bene – Toronto

Nota Bene has a large menu dedicated to Haute, Molecular, and French cuisine with a romantic and formal atmosphere. Chef David Lee is known for working wonders in French cuisine and opened the restaurant in 2008. They have received high acclaim as being one of the best restaurants in Toronto, Ontario.

The romantic and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant provides a great chance to go dining in style with tasty meals and drinks.

These restaurants provide the perfect way to get to know the traditional meals of Ontario and to experience some of the best cuisine options in Canada.