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Friday, March 11th

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Muffin du jour

Apple cinnamon banana

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Sausage and egg sandwich on a cheddar and sun dried tomato biscuit, served with fruit

Steel cut oats with cranberries and apricots, brown sugar on the side

Two eggs, peameal bacon, toast and jam

Homemade fruit and nut granola, Greek yogurt and fruit compote

Lunch  (11:30 Рclose)

Cream of cauliflower soup

Curried vegetable soup

Whitefish cakes with homemade tartar sauce, served with tossed green salad

Black bean burger topped with Fifth Town goat cheddar, sweet corn salsa and a cilantro aioli, served with potato wedges and slaw

Curried egg salad sandwich with raisins and apple on a ciabatta, served with a side soup

Krystyna’s homemade meat pie, served with potato wedges and slaw

Four bean chicken chili, served with a warm corn, chili and cheese muffin

Falafel wrap with a lemony tahini sauce

Hummos with warm pita and olives

Show Us Your Signature Dish Entry #3

Robin Baranyai’s corn quesadillas with proprietary guacamole

Dinner (Friday – Sunday 4:30 – 8pm)


Blog excerpt

Entry #3 in our Show Us Your Signature Dish contest goes up this weekend. Local Wellington Times writer and foodie Robin Baranyai is in the Tall Poppy kitchen creating her incredibly tasty corn quesadillas. Just don’t ask Robin for her guacamole recipe. Trust me.

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Press! Presspresspresspresspress!

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From yesterday’s edition of the Wellington Times. Robin Baranyai writes a weekly column about events and issues within PEC. This week, she focused on Tall Poppy Caf√©. Good on ya, RB!

(click here to download the more easily read pdf)

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