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Thursday, 13 January

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Muffin du jour

Raspberry and yogurt

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Pancakes with Vader’s maple syrup and fruit compote

Steel cut oats with apricots and cranberries, brown sugar on the side

Two eggs, peameal bacon, toast and jam

Homemade fruit and nut granola, Greek yogurt and fruit compote

Lunch (11:30 to close)

Apple sausage and vegetable soup

Ham and pea soup

Hearty bean and vegetable chili served with a warm cheese biscuit

Lightly curried tuna salad sandwich with apple and raisins, served with salad

Goodfellow’s pork schnitzel on a bun, with a side of warm apple cabbage slaw and potato wedges

Roasted vegetable ratatouille on rice

Falafel wrap with lemony tahini sauce

Hummos, warm pita and olives


Date and orange bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce

Dinner (Fri – Sun 4:30 to 8pm)


Blog excerpt

Poor January 13th. A boring day, stuck in the middle of a boring month, not much going for it. Wikipedia tells me that January 13th is New Year’s Eve for those using the Julian calendar, so that’s kind of nice. Also, it’s St. Knut’s Day or Tjugondag Knut, the last day of Christmas in Sweden and Finland. Best of all, it’s the Feast Day of St. Mungo. How can you not appreciate someone named Mungo? Handsome fella.

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