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Sunday, November 21st

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Muffin of the Day

Oatmeal raisin

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Breakfast sandwich: fried egg with caramelised onion, peameal and cheese on a Pastry House bun

Two eggs, peameal bacon, toast and jam

Steel cut oats with raisins and cinnamon, brown sugar on the side

Homemade fruit and nut granola, Greek yogurt and fruit compote

Lunch (11:30 to 3pm)

Chinese mushroom soup

Sweet Jarrahdale pumpkin soup

Tex mex minestrone soup

Tall Poppy all-dressed burger w Black River old cheddar , caramelised onions and Krystyna’s homemade heirloom tomato ketchup, served with potato wedges and slaw

Tall Poppy Farm turkey and cranberry sandwich, served with potato salad

Prinzen’s beef and garden vegetable chili served with a warm bickie

Smoked ham and cheddar sandwich, served with salad

Hummos, warm pita and olives

Falafel wrap with lemony tahini sauce



Blog excerpt:

Remember this? *sigh* It’s spring on Tall Poppy Farm. It doesn’t much look like that these days, but we are still harvesting lettuce for another week or so. So let’s enjoy the freshly picked greens in our salads while we can.

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Tuesday, September 21st

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MuffinS! of the Day

Cranberry muesli

Peach cinnamon

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Steel-cut oats with cranberries and apricots, brown sugar on the side

Two eggs, peameal bacon, toast, fresh homemade jam and fruit

Homemade fruit and nut granola, tart Greek yogurt and fruit compote

Homemade pancakes with Vader’s maple syrup

Lunch (11:30 to close)

Grilled vegetable soup with parmesan

Turkey, vegetable and lentil soup

Hummos, warm pita and olives

Mixed bean and vegetable chili, served with a sundried tomato and cheddar biscuit

Eggplant caponata served on toasted bread with herbed cream cheese

Tall Poppy Café falafel wrap with lemony tahini sauce

Mixed tomato and feta quiche, served with salad

Grilled Debrezeni sausage on a roll with heirloom tomato ketchup and caramelized onion, served with salad

Dinner (5:30 – close)

Goodfellow’s apple sausage, garlic mash and fresh county veg

Mark’s homemade vegetarian lasagne, caesar salad and a fresh cheddar biscuit

Cinnamon curry roasted chicken with tomato yogurt sauce, roasted potatoes and fresh veg

Fettuccine tossed with Tall Poppy Farm’s basil pesto, topped with fresh parmesan and tomatoes

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Sunday, May 16

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Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Home made granola served with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit compote

French toast made with Fred’s Bread and maple syrup from JC Nyman Farms, here in the County

Spinach, parmesan and Fifth Town Bedda Fedda frittata, served with a side of Fred’s Bread toast.

Warm brown rice pudding

Lunch (11:30 – close)

Mixed bean and vegetable soup

Hummus, warm pita and olive plate

Caesar salad, lightly dressed, topped with fresh parmesan and home made croutons, served with a cheddar herb biscuit

Caponata served on toasted bread with Fifth Town chevre

Falafel vegetable wrap with lemony tahini sauce

Mixed green salad (Vicki’s Veggies, GreenHill Greens) with a light vinaigrette

*Dinner menu starts again on Thursday evening*

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