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Meet Tall Poppy’s Short Poppies

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Dan, off to do more wiping. Check out that confident swagger!

It can be tough to find good help, and sometimes you have to take a chance on someone. Witness our newest employee, young Mr. Dan Walters. At age nearly-five-years-old, Dan has taken a real shine to his duties in our café and approaches them with utmost care and diligence. He is a conscientious employee, is well-liked by his co-workers, and asks only for blueberry muffins in return.

Dan is the son of TPC owners Mark and Ally and, by necessity, has had to spend some time hanging out at the café (with big brother Patric and Anne’s son Jack).  And he does so quite happily. Dan shadows the big boys (Jack the Elder in the kitchen and Travis out front), peppering them with questions, emptying the dishwasher, and wiping tables, to the delight of our customers.

Tall Poppy strives to be a friendly-family restaurant and I think we’ve accomplished it, out front and behind the scenes. Anything on our menu can be made in a half portion for half price for younger patrons. And the kitchen is happy to whip up something less exotic (grilled cheese, anyone?) for tamer palates. Always with a goodly portion of fruit and veg on the side. Plus, we have booster seats and high chairs. Plus kids’ books, paper and crayons, and a fairly rocking selection of toys. Plus, according to Holly and Gord’s son Johnny, excellent chocolate chip cookies.

Johnny's winning smile

Bring your little poppies to Tall Poppy and quick, before Dan gets promoted to short (!) order cook.

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