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Now Showing: Anne Ireland

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If you’ve been into the café in the last couple of weeks, you’ll have noticed new artwork on the walls. Anne Ireland, the owner of Iris Gallery in Bloomfield, will be showing for November and December. Below is a brief bio and samples of her artwork. All items are available for sale and 100% of the purchase price goes directly to the artist.

Bio: grew up dancing in a small town and quickly headed for the city…went to York University and later to Ontario College of Art, truly seeking knowledge; but it was only partly there. spent a year in Italy (Florence) as part of the OCA program and that’s when the real love affair with painting as expression and communication began.
Now, back in the country, I continue to draw inspiration from movement, poetry, nature and the mythologies that we share..or don’t.
I am not interested in “capturing” a moment but in “glimpsing” a moment. My paintings try to leave spaces and times where the viewer can become involved. Some days I see an angel…some days I see a horse!  Turning myself inside out to let you see in!

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Tuesday, November 2nd

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Muffin of the Day

Raspberry apple (hey! yum!)

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Sweet tooth breakfast: two raspberry pancakes, warm apple crisp with maple syrup and plain Greek yogurt

Two eggs, peameal bacon, toast and jam

French toast with J.C Nyman Farms’ maple syrup on the side

Steel cut oats with raisins and cinnamon, brown sugar on the side

Homemade fruit and nut granola, Greek yogurt and fruit compote

Lunch (11:30 to 3pm)

Lentil and vegetable soup

Thai-spiced carrot soup

Sundried tomato, caramelised onions and feta on puff pastry,  served with salad

Tall Poppy Farm turkey and cranberry salad sandwich, served with side salad

Spicy bean burrito served with sour cream and salad

Falafel wrap with lemony tahini sauce

Thai vegetable curry, served with warm pita and chutney

Hummos, warm pita and olives


Blog exerpt:

New artist showing in the café for November and December. Photos coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a nice picture of carrot soup. (Look – I’ve written 211 blog posts and 309 tweets. They can’t all be winners.)

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Anne Ireland art show

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more details to follow, including maybe a link or two and some images.

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