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Come in and check out Rea Kelly’s paintings on display for March and April

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Rea Kelly -Painter of Joy

The ongoing riot that is nature is the inspiration for her textural works in acrylics and oils. Her spontaneity is a signature. Hers is a confident brushstroke that delivers movement, mood and memory of days spent in nature.

There is an emotional bond between artist and viewer that comes from a spiritual place. There is awe and glory in her florals. There is playfulness and serenity in her landscapes and abstracts. Her water and skyscapes evoke a meditative state.

Her vibrant florals excite and involve the viewer with her deliberate improvisations on stem, leaf and petal. Her vocabulary of colour, texture and composition continue to grow and invite viewers into an interior world of wonder. Passion is evident in her dedication to reinterpreting the natural world.   You are invited to jump right in.

Showing and selling since 2000, her work has evolved while retaining its unique approach.

Collectors of Rea Kelly’s art universally tout its joyfulness and claim it lifts the spirits.


“I love Rea Kelly’s art because it plays on my positive emotions; the colours have depth, they bring life into my rooms.” K Jackson, Toronto


“I love Rea Kelly’s art because it inspires me. The vibrancy of the colours takes me in and lifts my spirits. I feel the sheer beauty and warmth within the painting.” W Wray, Montreal, QC


“Because you paint with abandon and pure joy your paintings evoke that feeling of being on vacation.  You have found the gift of being able to tap in to a universal place of joy, dreams and good memories” J Ward, Art Collector, Toronto

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and at REAKELLY.COM

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Susan Moshynski paintings on display, come in and check them out!

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Bio for Parrot Show

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County Artists’ Collective are our featured artists for September and October

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 It is a please to welcome  the County Artists’ Collective to the cafe to showcase their work, come on in and check them out!!
The County Artists’ Collective is a small painting group that meets to paint each week in Picton.
The group consists of Catherine Reilly, Michelle Hutchinson, Carol van Lierop, Cherie Allen and Patsy Haugh.  We also welcome new painters to the group.
The painters in the Artists’ Collective all exhibit their own style and personality in their work.  Some are long-time painters who come from a variety of backgrounds, whose work has been recognized and who have won awards.
We believe our current exhibit will give you a taste of what we do and sincerely hope you enjoy it.
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Joan Turner is our featured artist this month!

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Well summer is almost officially here!!! Cafe has been getting quite busy, which is great to see! Our hours throughout  the summer will be from 7am-3pm. With things being so busy it is best to get in for breakfast by 10:30 weekdays or 11 on weekends, unfortunately we do have to stop breakfast by a certain time or else we will never get on to lunch, and we need a bit of time to switch over as we like to provide fresh and made to order food! Thank you for your patience! See you in the cafe!!

Joan Turner is our featured artist this month, come in and check beautiful work! Here is a bit about Joan!

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Renee Mair’s photography on display!

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Renee Mair


Since I was a child, I have enjoyed looking at the world through a lens.  It created a focus on the beauty I saw in everyday events and surroundings.  As I moved from one part of the country to another, each location offered a new perspective on what we take for granted around us.  As my travels expanded to different countries, I soon realized that the same beauty could be seen in the heart of each community and exciting new locations.


Why do I photograph landscapes and scenery?  These are images that transcend time and space.  A picture taken in one country will touch the heart of someone else miles away.  The images capture the imagination of what might have happened in another time and can carry you away.


Over the years and during my experiences in various industries and non-profit organizations, I have realized that simple pleasures help ground us and tie us to who we are, both past and present.  Our collective appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us connects us as a community even though we live miles apart.






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