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Renee Mair


Since I was a child, I have enjoyed looking at the world through a lens.  It created a focus on the beauty I saw in everyday events and surroundings.  As I moved from one part of the country to another, each location offered a new perspective on what we take for granted around us.  As my travels expanded to different countries, I soon realized that the same beauty could be seen in the heart of each community and exciting new locations.


Why do I photograph landscapes and scenery?  These are images that transcend time and space.  A picture taken in one country will touch the heart of someone else miles away.  The images capture the imagination of what might have happened in another time and can carry you away.


Over the years and during my experiences in various industries and non-profit organizations, I have realized that simple pleasures help ground us and tie us to who we are, both past and present.  Our collective appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us connects us as a community even though we live miles apart.






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