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Muffin of the Day

Deranged raspberry muffins

Breakfast (7am – 11am)

Sinister sweet tooth breakfast: two raspberry pancakes, warm apple crisp with maple syrup and plain Greek yogurt

Two haunted eggs, petrified peameal bacon, toast and jam

Freaky french toast with J.C Nyman Farms’ maple syrup on the side

Monstrous steel cut oats with undead raisins and spooky cinnamon, brown sugar on the side

Horrid homemade fruit and nut granola, terrifying Greek yogurt and eerie fruit compote

Lunch (11:30 to 3pm)

Ghoulish lentil and vegetable soup

Terrifying Thai spiced carrot soup

Triple cheese and sweet pepper Zombie pizza, served with brains

Tall Poppy Farm turkey and cranberry salad sandwich, served with side salad

Screaming spicy bean burrito served with sour cream and salad

Gruesome mixed vegetable quiche, served with salad

Fiendish falafel wrap with lemony tahini sauce

Horrifying hummos, warm pita and eyeballs


Blog exerpt:

Today’s menu is filled with…um. Wait. Hmmm. Well, that’s weird. When I prepped this menu last night, it was just fine. Something seems a little, uh, off this morning. I guess it’s because THEY’RE HEEEEEEERE!!! And the phone call is coming from inside the house! And I see dead people! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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